30 Minutes $99
45 Minutes $129
60 Minutes $159
75 Minutes $189
All facials are bespoke to your skin’s needs and incorporate one or more of the following:
(Your therapist will discuss, assess and advise at time of appointment, please add any requests you may have in the booking notes)
MediLux LED Light Therapy – A non-invasive form of light therapy used to energise skin cells, stimulate collagen and elastin, reduce inflammation, promote healing and leave you with a healthy, calm glow.
Corneotherapy Facials – Following the corneotherapy philosophy of maintaining the skin’s barrier function, bespoke products are used to specifically target your skin’s needs. Allows the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, perioral dermatitis, rosacea, acne and pigmentation.

Clinical Peels – An exfoliation for the skin. Chemical peels work by breaking down the bonds between the skin cells, revealing a fresh, plump, radiant glow!

We have a selection of AHA/BHA, vitamin A, C, Enzymatic and herbal peels available to target a range of skin types and concerns.

Dermaplaning – An exfoliation of the skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz) removal treatment. Utilising a sterile surgical bland, derma-planing is a great alternative to facial waxing.

Hydro-Dermabrasion – A deeper exfoliation, flushing the skin of congestion which simultaneously infuses skin-loving ingredients.

Relaxation – After assessing your skin’s concerns, needs and appropriate treatment plan, all above options are combined with massage for ultimate relaxation.

Body Treatment

All facial treatments can be adapted to treat the skin on all body areas.
SlimLux Fat Cavitation and Body Contouring, 60 minutes, $175 – Using a combination of ultrasound waves and radio frequency to reduce fat and cellulite while contouring and tightening the skin.

Advanced Facials

Medical Micro-Needling, 60 minutes, $295 – Utilising the body’s innate ability to heal, microneedling is clinically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles, scarring, stretch marks, increase collagen, elastin and growth factors as well as treating inflammatory skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Treatment includes LED and the application of a sterile soothing sheet mask.
Oxygeneo Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening, 60 minutes, $249 – Treatment includes exfoliation, LED, retinol infusion, oxygenation, and radio frequency skin tightening to lift, tighten and smooth the skin.
Plexr Plus (price on assessment) – AKA a plasma lift, this treatment offers a non-surgical alternative to producers such as face lifts, eye lifts and neck lifts. Plexr plus is also a great treatment to treat/remove skin tags, moles, pigmented lesions, cherry angiomas and scarring. Plexr plus harnesses the body’s innate ability to heal, creating a lifting and tightening effect.  Downtime required.

Teeth Whitening

BrightTonix Teeth Whitening, 30 minutes, $189 – Using radio frequency and a clinical strength whitening toothpaste, BrightTonix gently removes stains from tooth enamel without harsh hydrogen peroxide.